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Q100302: Sporadic Mari lock-ups or hangs on Mac OS X while using complex shader setups


Some complex operations, such as sharing layers or manipulating shader inputs, may incorrectly feedback from the drivers causing Mari to lock-up when completed in the Legacy, Optimized or Automatic shader compilation modes on Mac OS X.


When working with complex shader setups in Mari, sometimes a miscommunication between Mari and the drivers may occur which will affect the session's performance. In Legacy, Optimized or Automatic mode, this may cause a lock-up where Mari will appear to be busy but, in most cases, will end up crashing rather than complete the action.

The issue appears on Mac OS X and we are currently working with Apple to resolve it as soon as possible. 


Mari 3.2 and below

If you experience this issue in a version of Mari predating 3.3v1, you can workaround this by reducing the complexity of your project. We recommend making use of bake point nodes or caching your layer stacks. Through this, you will benefit from non-destructively optimising your projects for better performance.

Alternatively, and although destructive, you can flatten your layer stacks into a paint layer in order to achieve similar optimisations.

An article covering all performance optimisation recommendations can be found here: Q100188: Optimising your Mari projects for best performance

Mari 3.3 and above

If you do experience this issue in Mari 3.3v1 or above, you may see a warning appear in your UI the next time you reopen Mari, after experiencing a crash while in Legacy, Optimized or Automatic mode.

The system will detect whether or not Mari was successfully exited last time it was run and, when it thinks that it didn’t and your shader compilation was not set to the Dynamic mode, you will see the following dialog prompt:


Fig 1: The warning dialog window

If you select ‘Yes’, please check that in the launched session your shader compilation mode has been automatically switched over.

If you select ‘No’ you are advised to change these preferences yourself. If you do need to do this manually, please navigate to the following location in your Mari preferences as shown in the image below.

Fig 2: Mari > Preferences > GPU > General > Shader Compilation


If you are experiencing other performance issues there are further settings or options that can be turned off to improve Mari’s efficiency. A detailed article about additional causes to consider is found here: Q100253: Troubleshooting Mari performance issues

As we understand that performance issues can sometimes be directly dependent on your project and setup, if you are still experiencing issues after testing the advice in these articles please contact us via the Support Portal and let us know the steps you have taken so far. All initial information we require for investigation is outlined under Q100090: Reporting a Mari issue

For more information on how to open a Support ticket, please refer to the 'Using the Support Portal' article.

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