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Q100283: How to activate a Login-based or Subscription License


This article covers how to activate a login-based license on your machine.

Before you can activate the license on the machine you will need to have a valid Login based license entitlement in your account on the Foundry website, either a Modo subscription or Modo with Maintenance



Once you have purchased a Modo Subscription or Modo with maintenance then you will have an entitlement in your Foundry account.  You can then activate the license on any machine directly from Modo by doing the following steps.


  1. Launch Modo 11.0 and it will display the Licensing window when it does not find a license.

    Enter your login details for the Foundry website, where Account Name is your email address, and click on "Log In"

  2. Modo will then display the compatible Login-based licenses in your account (the expiry date displayed is when the maintenance on the Login based license expires).  Select the license you wish to activate

  3. Modo will install a license on your machine that is valid for 37 days.  The license will be renewed each time you run Modo when the computer is connected to the internet.  Click on Run Modo to start using Modo 11.0.



More information about Modo Subscription and Modo Maintenance is available at the following link:

More information about login-based licensing is available in the following articles:


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