Q100283: How to activate a Login License for Modo 14 and below


Please note, this guide is specifically for use of Modo 14 and below. If you are using Modo 15, please refer to the following guide: Q100585: How to activate your individual login-based licence

Before you can activate the license on the machine you will need to have a valid Login based license entitlement in your account on the Foundry website, either a Modo Subscription or Modo with Maintenance, or a Modo Trial.

You can view your current login licenses and entitlements at the 'Login Licenses' page: foundry.com/my-account/login-licenses

The UI for activating Modo is different for activating Modo 14.1 and above, or activating Modo 14.0 or earlier.

How to activate Modo 14.1


  1. Launch Modo 14.1 or above, it will display a Licensing window if it does not find a license.  Click on Launch Licensing App:
  2. When the Licensing App appears, enter your login detail for your foundry.com account and click on Authorise Device
  3. A button will appear for each Modo entitlement in your account.  Click on one to activate Modo
  4. Modo will then show you information about the activated license, including how long you can go offline for.

How to activate Modo 14.0 and earlier

The steps to activate Modo 11.0 to 14.0 are:

  1. Launch Modo and it will display the Licensing window when it does not find a license.

    Enter your login details for the Foundry website, where Account Name is your email address, and click on "Log In"

  2. Modo will then display the compatible Login-based licenses in your account (the expiry date displayed is when the local offline license will expire).  Click on the first available license


  3. Modo will install a license on your machine that is valid for 37 days.  The license will be renewed each time you run Modo when the computer is connected to the internet.  Click on Run Modo to start using Modo.


More information about Modo Subscription and Modo Maintenance is available at the following link:

More information about login-based licensing is available in the following articles:

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