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Q100284: How to deactivate a Modo Subscription or Modo with Maintenance License


Login-based licensing allows you to deactivate your license from one machine and then activate it on another.  This gives you the flexibility to easily use your Modo Subscription or Modo with Maintenance license on different machines when or if you need to.
You can deactivate your login-based license directly from Modo or through the Foundry website.


Please follow the steps below to deactivate your Modo Subscription or Modo with Maintenance license directly from Modo 11.0.
  1. Launch Modo and navigate to Help > Modo Licensing

  2. ​​The Licensing dialog box will then display the active licence installed on the machine.  Click on "Log Out" to deactivate the license and remove it from the machine.

  3. Quit Modo


You can also deactivate the license from your activated machine through the My Account pages on our website by following the steps below.  This is useful if you need to use your license at home but forgot to log out of Modo at work.

  1. Go to the My Account - Products page of the Foundry website and login if prompted.

  2. Navigate to your Modo Subscription or Modo with Maintenance product and click on 'View your entitlement'.  Your Subscription information will be shown like the example below​​​​​

    NOTE: If you're having difficulty viewing the entitlement page then log out of the website using this link: and then log back in again.

  3. Click on "Modo" to see the details of your subscription and then click on the string of ​​hexadecimal characters under the "License currently activate by" section as highlighted in the image below:​​
  4. Click on "Deactivate Entitlement" for "modo_i" under the Activated Products section to remove the Modo license from that machine.  If you click on "Deactivate Device" then all login-based licenses (including any Nuke Non-Commercial or Mari Non-Commercial) will be removed from the machine.fdsgdf.PNG

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