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Q100280: Modo crash on Windows 10 while using the additional Content packages


We have received various user reports of Modo crashing on Windows 10 when performing different actions like:

  • trying to access the Preset Browser (default shortcut 'F6')
  • entering the 'Paint' or 'Layout' layouts (the Preset Browser is docked to these by default)
  • entering the 'Schematic' layout
  • using the Bridge Tool

This article will explain the current known workaround for preventing the crash, while still retaining access to the additional Content packages. 



Currently, all reported crashes have been on Windows 10 machines, and the issue appears related to the additional Content packages for Modo. Unfortunately, we do not yet know the direct cause of this crash. Several users have found that this crash begins to occur after they have installed the Content 3 package. With only the Content 1 and 2 packages installed, Modo appears to work as expected.

We have not been able to reproduce this crash in house and we are currently investigating the scope of the crash and trying to gather as much information as possible from different users. If you are experiencing this crash, please open a Support ticket and let us know the reproduction steps you're taking and whether the workaround method has helped resolve the issue. 

For more information on how to open a Support ticket, please refer to the 'Using the Support Portal' article.



Below is the workaround users have reported being successful in avoiding this crash. 

NOTE: Please make sure you have all 3 additional Content packages installed on your machine before attempting this workaround.

The workaround requires you to redirect the default paths Modo uses to access the Content folder. To prepare the Content for redirecting, you will need to rename several folders first:

Renaming the Content folders

NOTE: Switch '<USER>' with your actual username

  1. Navigate to the Content folder on your machine. By default, the Content packages will be installed at the following directory: 


  2. Inside the Content folder, please rename all 3 folders:

    ('Assets', 'Kits', 'Samples') to ('1-Assets', '2-Kits', '3-Samples')

Below are the known workaround methods for redirecting the Content paths, as reported by users. This will allow you to access the additional Content without Modo crashing.


Method 1. Redirecting paths manually

The steps below explain how to redirect the current Content paths for the Preset Browser (F6) from inside Modo:

  1. Launch Modo and open the Preset Browser (F6).
  2. Under the Directories column, select (add path...). This will launch a Windows Explorer window.
  3. Navigate to the current Content directory, and select one of the renamed folders to load the new path into Modo's Preset Browser.
  4. Repeat steps 2 - 3 for the remaining renamed folders.

The Preset Browser will now include the additional Content for you to access. Below is a demonstration of these steps:



The steps below explain how to redirect the current Content paths for the docked Preset Browser in the Paint and Layout layouts from inside Modo, by using the default tab views:

  1. Launch Modo and switch to the Paint or Layout layout.
  2. The Preset Browser Viewport is found in the area below the Viewport by default. It displays several default tabs for quick access to certain folders within the Content packages.
  3. To redirect the path of these tab view, select a tab (e.g. 'Paint Tools') and click on (add path). This will launch a Windows Explorer window.
  4. Navigate to the appropriate folder within the Contents packages, which will contain the relevant assets for the tab view: e.g \Content\1-Assets\Tools\Paint Tools

Below is a demonstration of these steps:


Alternatively, you can create a new tab to access the main Content directory, allowing you to access the entire additional Content in one tab view. To do this, click the '+' icon, and selecting Data Lists > Preset Browser. This will create a tab view with the entire contents of the Preset Browser docked to the Layout. 


Method 2. Redirecting paths via environment variables

Another option is to move the Content folder to a new directory, and set up an Environment Variable to redirect Modo to the new location. This option allows you to change where preset files are saved (assets, kits, and samples) and will override the Content Location preference in Modo. 

The Environment Variable is: NEXUS_CONTENT. Setup this Environment Variable, then set the new Content directory as the file path. This will override the default path Modo searches for the additional Content.

You may also need to setup a second Environment Variable for the Assets folder: NEXUS_ASSET.

More information regarding the Content Location can be found in the Modo Online Help under the Application->Preset Browser section. 

For information on how to set up environment variables, please see the following article: Q100015: How To Set Environment Variables



NOTE:  If you are still experiencing a crash after trying the workaround methods above please open a Support ticket and let us know the reproduction steps you're taking. 

For more information on how to open a Support ticket, please refer to the 'Using the Support Portal' article.











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