Q100294: Where to find your Nuke Studio and Hiero export presets



This article explains where to find your Nuke Studio and Hiero export presets. 


Your default and custom export presets used in the Nuke Studio or Hiero export window, can be located in your .nuke folder. More information about your .nuke folder can be found in the following article: Q100048: Nuke Directory Locations
The export presets will be found in the TaskPresets directory which can be accessed under \.nuke\TaskPresets\
Unless you've selected the Save all Local Presets to disk option in the Export dialog, the TaskPresets directory would not exist by default. To create it you can either:
  • use the Save all Local Presets to disk option in the Export dialog
  • make changes to a default export preset and save the custom version to disk, when prompted
  • create a preset from scratch

The directory location of the export presets are in the following location:

NOTE: Prior to Nuke 10.5v1, the directory location for the presets were in the following location:

Inside these folders will be 3 more directories, which contain the export presets for the different process types in Nuke Studio and Hiero. From within these directories you can find the export preset you wish to copy, edit, move, etc.
Upgrading Nuke versions

Upgrading from a release of Nuke Studio/Hiero prior to 10.5 will not carry over your export presets by default. In this instance you will need to copy the presets from the following directory structure:

\.nuke\TaskPresets\Processors\ to \.nuke\TaskPresets\10.5\Processors\ 

In order to access them in 10.5v1 and higher. 

NOTE: Some users have experienced issues with the old export presets copied into the newer versions of Nuke Studio and Hiero and if you find this to be the case, then we recommend you delete the preset and recreate it from within Nuke Studio/Hiero version 10.5v1 or higher.

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