Q100266: What is the difference between nodelocked, floating and login-based licenses?



This article explains the differences between the types of license you can purchase for Foundry software.



The Foundry uses RLM and Login-based licensing for the majority of our products. Depending on the product, our licenses are available as 4 different types: RLM Nodelocked, RLM Floating, Individual login-based and Teams login-based.

For more information on the licensing options available, please refer to our licensing page


A Nodelocked license can ONLY be used on the machine whose System ID the license is keyed to.  If you buy 5 of this type, then you identify 5 machines that will get the licenses.

Full information on Nodelocked licenses can be found here: Q100603: Nodelocked license information



A Floating license can be used on the machine whose System ID the license is keyed to (the license server machine) or by any other machine on the same network.  If you buy 5 of this type, then you only identify the one machine the 5 are all keyed to, and you have 5 licenses to use (simultaneously).

Full information on Floating licenses can be found here: Q100602: Floating license information


Individual login-based

An Individual login-based license is tied to your account on the Foundry website rather than to any specific machine. These licenses allow you to easily activate and deactivate your program on different machines depending on where you need to use the software, provided you have an active internet connection.


Individual login-based licensing is currently available for the following products:

  • Modo Maintenance and Modo Subscription
  • Modo Trial
  • Nuke commercial from 14 
  • Nuke Indie
  • Nuke Non-Commercial 
  • Nuke Trial
  • Mari Individual Subscription
  • Mari Non-Commercial
  • Power Translators and Power SubD-NURBS 
  • Colorway


More information on this can be found here: Q100282: What is individual login-based licensing and which products is it available for?



Teams login-based

A Teams login-based license is tied to a company organisation and offers features similar to a floating license. These licenses work as a pool floated from the Foundry website which can be used by any user within a team, up to the maximum number of concurrent users that team owns. Licenses are checked out when you run the application and returned when you exit it. In order to access the license you must have an active internet connection.


More information on Teams login-based licensing can be found here: Q100662: What is Teams licensing and how does it work? 


Please note that Teams login-based licensing is currently only available for Nuke 14 and Mari 7 and above and cannot be back-dated to earlier builds.




Instructions on how to get up and running with different licensing types are available in the following articles:

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