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Q100261: Nuke start-up crash with CaraVR 1.0v3, SteamVR update (1485823399) and no headset plugged in


Nuke crashes on start-up when you have CaraVR 1.0v3 and a recent SteamVR version installed and no VR headset plugged into you computer.


The crash happens after a recent update to SteamVR (1485823399) which has caused a conflict to appear between Nuke and the SteamVR software, while CaraVR is loaded. 

The issue is currently logged as a bug with our CaraVR engineers, and to follow the progress of the bug, subscribe to notifications and add comments, please use the URL below:

TP 253559 - Nuke crashes on startup with CaraVR and SteamVR installed



The above bug has been addressed starting with CaraVR version 1.0v4. Please find the download link for the latest CaraVR version on the CaraVR downloads page.



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