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Q100274: How to generate crash reports when running Nuke in command line


This article explains how you can generate crash reports while running Nuke in batch or terminal mode. 


When launching Nuke operations via terminal commands (such as batch rendering or while in Python Terminal mode), if you experience a crash then the crash reporter window won't appear and won't allow you to submit a crash report. You can manually work around this by setting Nuke to save crash reports to a directory of your choice.

To enable the crash report generation set the following environment variable prior to launching Nuke in batch/terminal mode:
To define where the crash reports get saved by default set the following environment variable prior to launching Nuke in batch/terminal mode:

More information on how to set environment variables for Nuke can be found in this article: Q100015: How To Set Environment Variables

For information on the available environment variables in Nuke, please see the following section of the Nuke Online Help

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