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Q100364: Why has my Wacom tablet stopped working inside of Flix?


Updating Google Chrome can break support for Wacom devices in Flix.  This articles explains why this happens and how you can try to work around this.



In the past we have seen some updates of Google Chrome break or stop Flash support for Wacom Pen input devices.  When this happens you won't be able to use a Wacom pen with Flix.
These issues have usually been fixed in subsequent releases so the recommended workflow is to use a mouse inside Flix until a further update resolves the issue.  However, if using a Wacom pen is vital to your workflow then you can try either of the following:
  • Use Flix in another browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, where Flash is support. 
    NOTE: Flix is only tested in Google Chrome you may encounter other issues.
  • Try "Google Chrome Canary", Google's beta web browser which has new features and fixes not yet available in regular Chrome. 
    NOTE: Chrome Canary may have some bugs which introduce other problems so proceed with caution.
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