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Q100247: Using the Casting Sheet Importomatic plug-in in Katana


A casting sheet is essentially an xml file with the extension .cast, containing a list of assets to be imported into Katana and specifying names for those assets’ scene graph locations. The casting sheet Importomatic plug-in will open the file in an Importomatic node, create the scene graph locations and import the assets. 

This article explains how to add and use a Casting Sheet within the Importomatic plug-in. 



The option to add a casting sheet can be found by clicking on the + button in an Importomatic node:

This will open a file browser window where the user can navigate to a file with the extension .cast.

Below is an example of the casting sheet file content:

<entry assetid="/tmp/" name="cowA"/>
<entry assetid="/tmp/" name="ponyA"/>

The 'asset id' is the path to the asset file on the drive.

The 'name' xml attribute is the identifier which will be used to reference an instance of that asset in your Katana scene. It is used to determine the default scene graph location for the asset and to label the node used to import it (This node can be found inside the Importomatic SuperTool).

Once imported, the resulting scene graph looks, for example, like this:

Supported file types for assets imported via a casting sheet are alembic (.abc) and ScenegraphXml (.xml).

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