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Q100246: 3Delight for Katana


This article explains where to find information about downloading and installing the 3Delight renderer and plug-in for Katana.


The 3Delight renderer and the 3Delight for Katana (3DFK) renderer plug-in are provided by the 3Delight team and are available for download from their website here:

NOTE: The latest version of 3Delight requires support for GCC 4.8.3 and glibc 2.12. This means you may not be able to run it on a RHEL 6 or CentOS 6 machine.


The user manual that provides installation instructions can be found here:

After installing 3Delight and 3Delight for Katana, some environment variables will need to be set to ensure that Katana will correctly load and use the plug-in. Currently, these should be:


  • DELIGHT pointing to the 3Delight installation directory (the directory containing the bin folder)
  • DLFK_INSTALL_PATH pointing to the installation of 3Delight for Katana, which needs to be added to KATANA_RESOURCES.
  • DL_DISPLAYS_PATH pointing to the displays subfolder in the 3Delight installation directory
  • DL_SHADERS_PATH pointing to the shaders subfolder in the 3Delight installation directory
  • LD_LIBRARY_PATH pointing to the lib subfolder in the 3Delight installation directory
  • Add the 3Delight/bin folder to the PATH environment variable

NOTE: For Linux machines, 3Delight provides a bash file in its installation directory. This file can be sourced in the terminal and will take care of setting all the necessary environment variables. You can find an example launcher script that includes a command to do so here: Q100272: Creating a Katana launcher script for Linux 

NOTE: You can find an example launcher script to set the necessary environment variables on Windows, including the 3Delight-specific ones, in the following article: Q100242: Creating a Katana launcher script for Windows

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