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Q100243: RenderMan for Katana


This article explains where to find information about downloading and installing the RenderMan renderer and plug-in for Katana.


The RenderManProServer renderer and the RenderMan for Katana (RfK) renderer plug-in are provided by the RenderMan Pixar team and are available for download from the RenderMan support forum:

You will need to install both in order to use RenderMan with Katana.

You will also need to obtain your own RenderMan license in order to use the renderer. A Non-Commercial RenderMan version is also available.



The user manual that provides installation instructions can be found here:

After installing RenderMan for Katana, some environment variables will need to be set to ensure that Katana can correctly load and use the RfK plug-in. Please refer to the environment variables specified in the following user guide:

NOTE: You can find an example launcher script to set the necessary environment variables on Windows, including the RenderMan-specific ones, in the following article: Q100242: Creating a Katana launcher script for Windows.

An example launcher script for Linux can be found here: Q100272: Creating a Katana launcher script for Linux.

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